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  • Ensure overall coordination.
  • To examine the similarity rate of the newly uploaded work.
  • Directing the newly uploaded work to the relevant field editor.
  • To send the works accepted for printing to the relevant language editor for control.
  • Reading the final forms of the works before printing.
Assistant editor:  
  • Assisting the editor and field editors when necessary.
  • Analysing the evaluation results received from the field editor, discussing them with the editor and making the final decision.
Area editor:
  • To identify, contact and follow up the referees suitable for the article directed from the editor.
  • To direct the article referred from the editor to the statistics editor.
  • To direct the manuscripts whose evaluation process is completed to the deputy editor for the final decision by adding his/her own opinion.
Statistics editor:
  • To ensure the statistical control of the newly uploaded work and the work forwarded to him/her from the field editor and send it back to the field editor.
Language editor:
  • To ensure the final control of the works forwarded to him/her from the chief editor in terms of language rules before printing.
Editor in charge of informatics:
  • Creating and updating the journal’s website.
  • To ensure the layout of the articles to be published.
  • Making and following up index applications.
  • To keep a record of the referees who have taken part in the review of the work and the return times.
Scientific committee:
  • Assisting the editorial board when necessary.
  • To provide quantitative and qualitative contribution to the journal.



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