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Ethical principles

SMJ has the highest ethical and scientific standards and the articles are free from commercial considerations. The Editorial Board works within the principles of the International Medical Journal Editors Council (IMMJE) and the Editorial Ethical Principles Commission (EOPE).

For clinical trials, the approval of the relevant ethics committee must be obtained in accordance with the “WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles in Medical Research with Humans”, “International Guidelines for Biomedical Research with Animals” and “Guidelines for the Use and Care of Laboratory Animals” for studies with experimental animals. Attention should be paid to the privacy of the patient while preparing case reports. Identifying information and photographs, hospital registration numbers and dates should not be used. “Informed Consent” must be obtained for case presentations. In experimental animal studies, the procedures performed to minimise pain and discomfort should be explained in the manuscript.

Manuscripts submitted for publication must not have been previously published elsewhere or submitted for publication. Plagiarism rules are followed by the journal and the maximum acceptable similarity rate is 20%.


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